First Aid Stress & Trauma - FAST

These techniques stabilize and lower arousal which can resolve trauma. Some of them enhance resilience and energy. Try for yourself.

These techniques can be useful:

1 - In case of panic
2 - Building resilience
3 - During an incident
4 - After an incident

These techniques were developed as a result of years of experience working with people affected by trauma in diverse forms, contexts and populations. There is both clinical feedback and research from multiple studies that demonstrate the efficacy of the techniques we use. However, individual differences give us an understanding that different combinations of techniques will help people differently so we encourage people to make use of what works best for them.

Tea and a smile - TAS

Tea And a Smile TAS.png

Working with refugees from the war in Syria on Lesvos in 2015 we realized that the most fundamental support and technique can be as simple as a cup of tea and a smile - to convey "you are safe, I mean no harm, relax".

Trauma Tapping

This is our hero technique, a simple, safe and efficient tapping sequence for First Aid without talking. Connect ever so lightly and follow the video.

Trauma Tapping can be done both for self and others. Remember to offer, don't insist. See our ethical guidelines for how to do this safely here >>


Our second hero technique helps stabilize and lower arousal in minutes. We offer both and ask people to find out which one works best for them.

For stopping a panic attack facilitated Havening is our first recommendation. Remember to ask permission to touch and show on self first.

Breathing & lymph

A simple breathing and lymph circulation exercise to stabilize, rebalance and lower arousal.

Integrate in daily routines

Make sure you integrate these techniques in daily routines. Winky has some suggestions for you here.

Adrenaline Blow-Out

This is a technique adapted from Donna Edens Blow out the venom, exercise.  It will reset your nervous system for action by forcing all carbon dioxide out from your stomach and using excess adrenaline, the kind that makes your hands tremble when too much. This gives you fine motor control without losing edge - staying in the zone.

With the football team Dalkurd FF Ulf adapted it for team connection by first asking every player to do it for themselves, to explore what it is to be a synchronised individual. Then he asked them to do it three fast times together and notice what it is to be a synchronised team - the collective energy and power is an incredible and fast reset allowing the team to let go of all thought and go into action.

The clip is from a documentary film ALLIHOPA about the Dalkurd All Swedish football team and their amazing journey into the All Swedish as a social project of which Ulf Sandström was a part as mental trainer, by the Canadian film maker Kordo Doski. See the full trailer here >>

City of Joy Clap

We learned this greeting at City of Joy in D.R. Congo - a safe haven for your women victims of gender based violence to rehabilitate. We use this at the beginning of any gathering, stop and reflect on what it may mean. It breaks the ice by everyone doing something together, and promotes playfulness.

Pass The Balloon - PTB


It may seem to simple to be true, but passing a balloon or two in a room full of people will make everybody look up, interact socially, engage playfulness and, smile. Try it.

DoIn Energy Self Massage

Try Japanese Do-In energy massage for yourself in under ten minutes - vitalizing and energizing your body and mind.

TTT or Havening with music

In large groups, doing tapping or Havening with music contains a number of neurological and psychological benefits. Try it.

Head holding - TAT

This is a simplified head holding from Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), you can easily do it both for yourself and someone else. Wonderful for headaches and racing thoughts.

Power Posing

Power Posing Rwanda.jpeg

Power posing comes from the famous Ted Talk of researcher Amy Cuddy and uses the neurobiological connection between mind and posture to elevate well being. See her talk here >>