Find calm and pass it on

If you want to be a part, step one is learning TTT for yourself, finding calm and then passing it on. Join the next training, it’s listed onour website and in social media. Take one of our courses or train with somebody who has learned already. Download the app Self Help For Trauma, try it and show it to others. With your help we can reach everybody on this planet. Turikumwe.

We can train you and share our techniques, our experiences and our approach. We can connect you with our network. We can help and support you in spreading these tools for healing trauma in your community.

We offer a training in a box - everything you need to create a training complete with a suggested structure for how to deliver it and all materials necessary to do so. See post below this text.

Teachers have started workshops in school classes, pastors in their churches, some have created trainings after disasters and others in their workplaces.

Once you are trained you are free to use our materials, to spread them in schools, communities and organizations. When you are certified you are welcome to be listed on our website. From here there are endless possibilities.

We often talk about creating ripples of healing. Every time you tell somebody about TTT you are helping to pass it on, because our work relies on your word of mouth. A shoutout in social media spreads the news that Emotional First Aid and Resilience can be learned by everybody in your circle of influence. Write something and add the hashtags #peacefulheart #traumatapping #selfhelpfortrauma.

We welcome your skills and your time, there are endless ways to get involved.

Donations, and income from paid workshops and seminars enable us to create and finance workshops in challenged areas, often covering things like transportation, food, internet and materials during trainings. A lot can be done with little. We have reached hundreds of thousands in over 45 countries so far. You may have ideas we never thought of, just imagine what we can do together.

If you have ideas how to reach a specific community and would like mentoring, please let us know. You may have ideas we never thought of:

Share the app

Send a link to the app to people you think may benefit from trying TTT. Copy and forward the link in the button below or here:

Training in a box

Everything you need to create a training complete with a suggested structure for how to deliver it and all materials necessary to do so. 180 Euros.

Send someone our book

Our book about Trauma Tapping and all these techniques has testimonies, science and more techniques. Send it to somebody you think may find it useful.

Say: “This has helped me, maybe you should try it too?”

Tapping somebody poster

This is a visual instruction of the steps in offering somebody Trauma Tapping Technique. We use it for trainings, schools, community buildings or houses of worship. It can be printed the size of a business card as well as a poster. Download, print and spread.


Self Havening Illustration

This is an illustration and instruction for simplified self-Havening from the book project Unpack Your Existence. Use freely, download here.

Pass it on

Outreach 4:  Your Part in the Puzzle

Your part in the puzzle

Outreach 1:  How to Build a Workshop

How to build a workshop

Trauma Tapping Technique — TTT

Self Trauma Tapping Video

Peaceful Heart Manifesto

These are principles that guide our work:

  • Safety first – Create a safe space for healing, be calm and centered. Bring a warm smile and stability.

  • Take off your shoes and listen – Be humble to the situation, avoid imposingyour thoughts and ideas.

  • Learn as much as you teach – See every person you meet as a teacher. Be curious. Avoid stereotypes; everybody is a unique individual, no matter what group, community, or nationality they belong to.

  • No suffering – It is not necessary for a traumatized person to talk about their experiences. It can be painful and retraumatizing. TTT works without talking.

  • Dare to fail – Do your best. Sometimes things will not evolve as you wish they would, these are moments of learning.

  • Use what you already have – Don’t wait for more time, education, money or experience: use what you have; it allows you to act now.

  • It depends – There are no exact answers: it always depends on the situation, the person, the environment, the time and what perspective you choose to regard it from.

  • Offer, don’t insist – Even if you have something that can be useful for somebody (like TTT) just explain what it is and let that person decide if they want to receive it or not.

  • Give credit for healing – We always congratulate the recipient after a session.

  • You are not a “fixer,” you are a facilitator - Empower them by acknowledging that this is their own process of healing.

  • Pass it forward – Make every person you help understand that they too can be a facilitator, and can pass this method for resolving stress and trauma forward.

  • Trust the technique – Step back and allow the technique to work.

  • Healing is possible!


Here is a selection from the over 155 peer reviewed studies that exist that we find useful on techniques like Tapping, Havening and trauma. If you find one is missing let us know and we will add it.


Science Data and Research

This is a great summary of current research from The Tapping Solution.

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