Self help for trauma


Video Production: Your Majesty Co.
Sound Design: Gabriel Rattiner
Concept by: Gunilla Hamne & Ulf Sandström

New simple method can help save traumatized refugees lives

(at no cost)


Five minutes. This is how long it takes to watch and use the instruction film with self-help for trauma that you can find at

Anybody can use the method. A child. A parent. A friend. Over one hundred thousand people have been reached during our work in conflict areas in central Africa. Now we want to use our positive experiences to help the critical refugee situation that we are facing today.

To escape from war and come to a new country is a traumatic and life changing experience. Not knowing the language, the culture and the traditions. To miss social support from family and friends. To carry the emotional stress and fears that show up in sleep problems, nightmares, flashbacks, problems concentrating, hopelessness, aggression, self medication and difficulties learning and remembering new things. Despite having arrived to a safe surrounding the symptoms can persist, even accelerate. Outer security and calm is not the same as inner security and calm.

The self-help method we have developed during eight years of work in Rwanda and Congo can stabilize and calm the nervous system and this is known to help symptoms of trauma to heal when no other care is available. It is not a replacement of primary care, it is first aid.

Our goal is to spread free help to everybody regardless of language and culture. You can help!

We who have produced the film are Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström from the Peaceful Heart Network, working with trauma of wars since 2007. We have made it together with the creative agency Your Majesto Co. in Los Angeles and New York under the supervision of Swedish-Kurdish Nina Amjadi – who came to Sweden as a refugee herself many years ago.

You can find more info on the webpage:
Direct link to the movie:

Thanks for caring to engage in this!


Hey my name is Nawwar. I lived in under war conditions for four years, then I moved to sweden. I was traumatized in the first months and I had many nightmares and sleeping troubles, it was a coincidence that I met one of the people who has learned the technique and I learned it as well, it really helped me with reducing the nightmares and sleep disorders and I use it to feel better, I am trying to help spreading this method now.