The Peaceful Heart Model

The Peaceful Heart Model for Resilience and Stress Management consists in general of learning about symptoms of stress and trauma so they can be recognized and understood, and knowing first aid techniques like TTT and other to deal with them.

Basics of handling stress and trauma

  • Understand stress and making it your friend (Self care first)
  • Understand encoding of trauma, post traumatic reactions and transference of trauma
  • Understand how to self-regulate both emotional and traumatic stress

The essentials of mental health and resilience include

  • Rest/food/water/exercise
  • Acceptance
  • Social context
  • Meaning
  • Empowerment
  • Being prepared
  • Thinking forward and now
  • Strategies for coping
  • Make resilience a daily routine and habit

Our Five Step model

1. First Aid stabilization – here and now
This is Tapping for grounding, a term nurses are familiar with. Also using techniques like Head Holding, Self Havening, Alpha Theta Breathing.

2. Self-Regulation of symptoms
This is Tapping for any symptom of emotional or traumatic stress, Blow Out exercise for adrenaline release and Head Holding for headaches or rushing mind (belongs to grounding as well).

3. Resilience building
This is Tapping  on a positive emotion or resourceful state of mind, self massage like Do-In, Alpha-Theta breathing, Blow Out (its all about context), Power posing.

4. Spreading tools
Showing self regulation to others in groups or individually.

5. Helping others
Tapping others

Some methods for stabilization, release and de-potentiation include

  • Trauma Tapping Technique, TTT
  • Head Holding
  • Blow out
  • Alpha/Theta breathing
  • Self-Havening
  • Do-In Self Massage
  • Power poses