A Tool for PTSD, Stress Relief and Trauma Recovery
(284 pages / 6,9 MB))

This is a pdf-collaborator-version of our book that sums up our experiences, the techniques, testimonials, the background, how to work with groups, the somatic poem, what to think about, related research, statistics from our trauma centers and much more. It is written for non-specialists and specialists alike.

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Editorial Reviews

“Altruism is abundance: abundance has no boundaries. Salute to the discoverers of the Trauma Tapping Technique.”
-Dr Rajni and Dr Bhaskar Vyas, Gynecologists and surgeons, stem cell researchers, hypnotherapists, India

“This book is a must read for everyone who has compassion for people in unstable conditions resulting from man-made and natural disaster. It is generated from many years of pragmatic experience in this thematic area which our traumatized world needs today. This toolkit is versatile, easy to use, and down to earth. It can be used by peace practitioners, religious leaders, local state and non-state actors alike. The techniques in this book are impactful and transformative.”
-Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye and Imam Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa, Executive Directors, Interfaith Mediation Centre, Nigeria

“Inner injury is frequently a sustaining factor in conflict. This book is therefore important reading not only for those working in trauma relief, but also for those working in conflict transformation.”
-Dr. Alan Channer, documentary film maker specializing in peace-building and reconciliation, UK/Kenya

“The most remarkable features of the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) are that it can be taught and learned; and its power to heal. This book is replete with moving examples of individuals healing themselves from horrific events from their past. It is inspiring to read how Hamne and Sandström, using TTT, bring healing to different areas that were devastated by war and cruelty. They also describe this method being applied to large groups, making it an efficient, culturally neutral and language independent tool. This book is a gift to the world, it should be read and applied wherever there is suffering.”
-Ronald Ruden MD, PhD, creator of Havening Techniques, USA

“This book is truly interesting: the language transfers human warmth; the content is down to earth; and at the same time highly professional. From my own experience as a social pedagogue using TTT, I know the calm atmosphere that appears after a TTT session when people find peace of mind. Therefore it is meaningful and important to encourage the spreading of this method.”
-Andrea Slotte-Wikström, Social Pedagogue, Finland

“This book holds a secret for healing at your fingertips. Filled with instructions, personal experiences, the science behind it, it shares the joyful simplicity with which TTT lifts pain like a magical breeze and allows recovery and renewal. Step into the TTT world and see what so many are learning and experiencing. Hold it to your heart, then read it. Your spirit, and those you share it with, will be so glad you did.”
-Judith Simon Prager, PhD, Co-developer of Verbal First Aid

About the Authors
Gunilla Hamne and Ulf Sandström (both from Sweden ) developed the Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) – a simplified, language and content free tapping modality. TTT has reached over 100.000 people in 30 countries through their Peaceful Heart Network, mostly in conflict and post conflict areas.