Get Certified

You can train to be a certified Trauma Tapper with our program. As a certified Trauma Tapper you have proven capable of helping yourself and others self-regulate with TTT for symptoms of stress and trauma.

TTT Certified Example 2017

First you need to complete a webinar or workshop with a Peaceful Heart Network Certified Trainer. If you have learned from somebody else ask them mail us about you. Contact us for the webinar playlist.

After this you

1. Answer the Assessment Questions and be approved

2. Submit six Tapping cases in the on-line Certification Form

3. Agree to our Code Of Ethics

Fill in the forms ONLINE (below). Once approved you will get a certificate and you can get listed with our international tappers (here).

There is no specific cost,  instead you have two options:

Fill in the assessment form online:

Download as PDF:
If you don’t have access to internet you can fill in on paper. Make sure you fill in online at a later point to be approved – we need all answers in our database to verify that you have passed.


Fill in each case online here:


To pass the assessment you have read and agreed to our code of ethics. This is done automatically when you fill in the assessment.

Download as PDF in English – Español

As a Certified Trauma Tappers you vow to this code

1. Beneficiary Welfare
The welfare of your beneficiary is your primary concern at all times.

2. Follow the Manifest of a Trauma Tapper

  • Take off your shoes and listen
  • Want to learn
  • Be inspired
  • Dare to fail
  • Use what you have
  • Take no credit
  • Pay your way if necessary
  • Expect little, give much
  • Pay it forward
  • Bring humor and stability
  • Know your limits
  • Everything depends
  • Avoid every stereotype
  • Respect every person and be curious
  • Know that the technique is part of the solution, learn the other parts as well!
  • Offer, don’t insist
  • No suffering
  • Healing is possible
  • Be prepared for miracles

3. Offer TTT free when necessary
As a certified Trauma Tapper you vow to treat people with needs also if they have no resources, within the realm of your situation.

4. Be complementary
You will always offer the service of Tapping as a complementary treatment, a First Aid Tool. Any other treatment the beneficiary is getting such as therapy or medication has nothing to do with this.

5. Your Skills and Certifications
You acknowledge that some skills are aquired through certification and some only through dedication, devotion and practise.

It is therefore necessary that you

  • vow to take responsibility for your skills and certifications and make sure you are clear about this when asked.
  • help and share your experiences and tools with other members.
  • maintain an awareness of research and developments in the field of Trauma and other linked fields with an open mind.

6. War and abuse
Remember when dealing with victims of war and abuse that every victim has a mindset you may want to understand and respect. A soldier is taught to be strong, an abused woman or child may back away from physical contact. Adapt your approach to EVERY beneficiary and their unique situation. When you deal with beneficiaries under the age of 18 years or with special needs, it may be appropriate to do so with the informed consent of a parent or legal guardian if possible.

7. Spread the knowledge
Encourage every person who is interested that they can learn Tapping. Inspire them to visit and download the free materials on our website and advocate that this is a first aid tool for
everyone to learn and use.

8. Questions about TTT
If you or anyone you meet has questions about TTT please contact us – we are here to serve, because your interest is ours: email hidden; JavaScript is required