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STOCKHOLM: Trauma Tapper, Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnobirthing Teacher, Havening Trainer, Master Trainer International Hypnotists Guild, Licensed Mental Trainer, co-founder of Peaceful Heart Network

Ulf Sandström

At a point in my therapeutic and coaching practice I ran into situations where the language dependency became a challenge in treating anxiety and phobias. This is how I found Gunilla, Robert and Trauma Tapping and I am since then (2010) actively engaged in the activities of Peaceful Heart Network in Rwanda. I work extensively with Hypnosis and mind strategies, integrating both TTT and TAT in a lot of cases, and I find the combination extremely versatile and gentle.

I believe in spreading the technique through movies, images, paintings and storytelling. I am currently filming the activities with the goal of creating as many useful film clips as possible available here.

I practice mainly in Stockholm where I run a Trauma Tapping Centre you may visit. I work with anxiety, phobias, self-esteem, reframing, power of inspiration, group dynamics, hypnobirthing and life compass motivational techniques. Don’t hesitate to call or mail.


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