USA, NM — Adara Walton

Adara Walton

My name is Rev. AdaRA L. Walton and I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I’ve been a holistic, integrative Practitioner for 40 years using several modalities for client self-healing.

I’m an author of a book on Muscle-Testing and consider myself a “healing assistant” and Facilitator in Energy Kinesiology with an ND degree and PhD in Natural Health. I’m an ordained metaphysician in private practice trained in Reiki (several types), Quantum-Touch healing, EFT and AFT tapping methods, EMOTrance, NLP, steeped/trained in shamanic practices, Deep Trance healing and Mediumship. Last, I’m certified for Animal Energy healing, am an NCBTMB-approved Instructor with certified classes for CEs and approved to operate the Brazilian John-of-God crystal healing bed.

I love empowering people as a Practitioner in Tension/Trauma Tapping
Technique (TTT). You can find me at: