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Jürgen van GorkumMy name is Jürgen van Gorkum.
I was born in 1964 in Dongen, the Netherlands, where I still live with my family.

In a nutshell, all my experiences in life, education and expertise, come together in the Egel Group (HedgeHog Group), my company, with which I support people of all ages in literally and figuratively standing firm and resilient. Among other things, we train and coach children, adolescents, adults, students and teachers at schools, healthcare staff, police, army, businesses, managers, refugees and private individuals.

With the body and body language as a starting point, the mammal and the warrior form the base of our psychophysical, elementary approach. We investigate en influence the dynamics of a pack and the pick order that appears when people live and work together. With the HedgeHog Academy we do research en implement the findings in our trainings.

With HedgeHog we meet a lot of people suffering from trauma, tension and stress, due to bad experiences in life. When I first got in touch with TTT, it triggered me right from the start. I believe in a basic physical approach of the symptoms we often struggle with. TTT proved to be a very successful addition to our psychophysical palette and turned out to be a valuable piece of the HedgeHog jigsaw puzzle.

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