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Hans-Hermann BaertzHans-Hermann Baertz, head of EFT-Institut Berlin, seminar conductor, therapist and coach

My way
1987 – 1991: Studies for alternative practitioner (Heilpraktiker)

Various Trainings and further educations:

  • NLP (1993-96: Roderich Heinze, Johann Kluczny, Bernd Isert, Karl Nielsen, u.a.)
  • Hypnosis of M. Erickson (1997-98: Wolfgang Lenk, Bernhard Trenkle, Ortwin Meiss, u.a.)
  • Acupuncture (1997: Andreas Noll, u.a.)
  • Bach Remedies (1997: Dr. Götz Blome)
  • Kinesiology (2003: Christiane Wolfes, u.a.)
  • EFT of Gary Craig (2005: Marlon Rosenthal)
  • WingWave (2011: Karin & Wolfgang Schmidt, Cora Besser-Siegmund, Harry Siegmund)
  • Trauma Tapping Technique (2016/2017: Gunilla Hamne & Ulf Sandström)

Since 1992:

  • Owner of a practice and lecturer for ARUNA-SCHULE Berlin
  • Head of BAERTZ Seminare & Coaching

Seit 2007: Head of EFT-Institut Berlin

I‘m delighted to use the EFT and TTT method as the core theme of my work and to help my clients to achieve greater balance, freedom and performance in personal, professional and sporting activities.

In the case of one-to-one sessions, the result actually achieved in real life is especially important to me. Here I always support individual and holistic.

In seminars, the practical benefit for everyday life is decisive for me. Through impressive demonstrations, lively, catchy presentations and exciting practical exercises, I transport the contents into YOUR life.

I‘m mainly active in Berlin, Munich, Halle, Forchheim, Erlangen, Stuttgart and Switzerland. I work for individuals, organizations and companies in German and in English, face-to-face, via telephone and Skype.

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Tel.: +49 (0)30 / 355 056-11
Mobile: +49 (0)151 / 72 40 16 86
Skype-Call: hans-hermann_baertz
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