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Your contribution is vital to us. You can contribute in many ways. The easiest is to buy a Peace Package. The Global Quest 2019 is to distribute Peace Packages worldwide in areas of conflict, post-conflict and other areas or people with needs.

By investing 30 USD in a Peace Package for yourselfor somebody else you
help us to keep distributing peace packages in zones of need and post-
conflict. Win-win.


  • An instruction film: How to tap yourself
  • Symptoms: Understand stress & trauma
  • Our book: Resolving Yesterday
  • The bucket of resilience: A film about stress & trauma
  • A fantastic exercise: DoIn energy self-massage
  • Instruction materials: Self-regulation in 9 languages 
  • Join all online webinar trainings in TTT
  • Get Certified
  • Get email support all year

If you want to gift a Peace Package like this to somebody else,
click on the link below, contribute and send us their email.

Every contribution is spent 100% on stress and trauma relief actions – in Rwanda, Congo, Europe, Canada, India, Afghanistan, USA and Scandinavia – and Will Help Somebody on an individual, family or community level.

Your contribution helps us fund

  • Local trauma tappers in Congo and Rwanda
  • Trainings in schools, churches, survivor groups
  • Materials for schools and trainings
  • Translations for trainings
  • Transportation to trainings
  • Water and food during trainings

Your contribution is vital to us
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