Peace Packages 2018

You can contribute in many ways.
The easiest is to buy or gift a Peace Package.

(Contribute through PAYPAL here)

Welcome to join the Global Quest 2018 to distribute Peace Packages
worldwide in areas of conflict, post-conflict and other areas or people with needs.






By investing 30 USD in a Peace Package for yourselfor somebody else you
help us to keep distributing peace packages in zones of need and post-
conflict. Win-win.

Your peace of mind is a contribution to the world in itself. We know this from

Everybody does something to relieve stress, so do you. The question is if it can
be done even simpler, if we can add some more tools to your toolbox and
some more information that you can apply wisely in your life.


An instruction film: How to tap yourself
Symptoms: Understand stress & trauma
Here is our book: Resolving Yesterday
The bucket of resilience: A film about stress & trauma
A fantastic exercise: DoIn energy self-massage
Instruction materials: Self-regulation in 9 languages 

You also get to join all our online webinars where you can learn TTT and
get certified – and get email support all of next year.

If you want to gift a Peace Package like this to somebody else,
click on the link below, contribute and send us their email.