Will you help a child get a leg so they can walk?

At 22 Alex Munyambabazi lost his right leg to a landmine, and almost his left one as well. His life came to a painful stop. When he got a prosthesis he tried to hide it. He put on trousers and tried to walk as if he had both legs, he wanted so much for it not to be.

It all changed  when he was asked to talk to a 14 year old girl with cancer, who was refusing to have her leg removed to save her life. For the first time since his loss, he told his story to somebody, to her. He wanted to explain that there is life after losing a limb. When he was about to walk away she said ”but you said you lost your leg?”. He stopped and showed his prosthesis and has never hid it since. 

That night the girl’s parents called and were so relieved, the girl was accepting her leg to be removed and was even in a good mood about it, inspired by Alex. He realized the healing power of his story and has walked in shorts ever since, always showing his leg. 

Alex therefore initiated the Amputee Self-help Network Uganda( ASNU) to create awareness and support for those loosing limbs by amputation – often after traffic accidents.

ASNU is on March 25th organizing a 80 kilometer walk from Kampala to Jinja to raise funds to buy prosthetics for young people who cannot afford them. 

Alex and ASNU needs your help: A basic prosthetic costs between 800-1000 USD. They allow life to restart for young people who otherwise would be left behind. Imagine. 

You will be helping John who lost his leg as a 3 months old baby to an accident he got stuck in a motorcycle tire that damaged his leg hence the amputation. He is an above-knee amputee. 

You will be helping Mary who lost her leg to cancer. These are two of over twenty kids.

You can contribute with donations, and you can walk with him on March 25th, starting from the post office in Kampala. Link in bio tree. 

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