Tapping saves a teenage mother in Uganda

The life changing story of Miss Kabiite

Miss Kabiite was in such a devastating state when her friend contacted us seeking support and guidance for her. She is a single mother with two boys, the eldest son being 5 years and the other barely 2 years old and still breast feeding. She has been working in a local private security company in a province in Gulu City, Uganda. Kabiite narrates that she saved up some money and purchased a plot of land hoping to develop it as she rented an apartment in a meantime; she took 100 percent responsibility of being a mother and father to her children because she never received any child support from the father of the boys.

All the difficulties started when she went for months without being paid her salaries, this meant she couldn’t provide, she couldn’t afford to feed the boys, pay school fees, rent and other essential needs like health care and clothing. She was then forced to move in with her parents in law. After some few months, the family turned against her claiming that she brought bad
omen and so they sent her away and the boys and she so her and the boys moved in with to a friend’s house.

Her friend too mistreated her and the boys and made false accusation concerning her 5 year old claiming that he tried to sexually harass her 4 years old daughter. This meant she had to look for another ways of finding shelter. Meanwhile, the peace of land she had bought on loan was being reclaimed by certain individuals who claimed that the person who sold the land to her was not the rightful owner.

Kabiite became so stressed and saw an end to her life and did not see any ways out of her troubles. It was at this point that we were contacted because she had attempted suicide with the intentions to first kill her two boys and then take her own life knowing that no one would be there to support them. She felt useless, cursed and rejected by everyone at that time.

One of our volunteers Charity Achom took on the case and had a daily conversation with her to help her with her emotions and offered her regular counseling, follow-ups and always prayed with her. Charity also invited her for our Tapping session (Trauma Tapping technique) a technique that is used to relieve one from stress and other mental illnesses that was conducted by Ulf Sandstrom of Sweden and Placide Nkubito of Rwanda from an organization called Peaceful Heart Network.

This session marked a new beginning for her. Kabiite now says she is stabilizing normally and she is involved in doing different small jobs to be able to raise her boys, however, the tapping helped her learn how to control her thoughts andemotions, her stress levels have reduced and she no longer has suicidal thoughts. In her own word she said, “I have learned and improved tremendously. I literally rarely react to peoples negative comments and when I get relapses, I often breathe in and out and it helps me calm down.”

She is so grateful for the follow-up, the therapy sessions and everyone who has played a role in her healing journey and believes that these tools have been very impactful in shaping her life today.


Miss Kabiite is one of the many young people that Move NETwork International has directly supported together with the Peaceful Heart Network, and continues to support in order to overcome mental health challenges like stress, suicidal thoughts, trauma and anxiety.

Here is Derick Ongeiwun telling how tapping has helped teenage mothers through their organization Move NETwork international.