Radio tapper Festus wants to reach all of Sierra Leone

Together with social worker and tapper Festus Adarkwah Yiadom in Sierra Leone the Peaceful Heart Network created a radio program explaining stress, trauma and how to resolve it. Festus wants to use the radio to reach all of Sierra Leone. You can help make it happen.

Guests Gunilla Hamne, Ulf Sandström

Guests Kristin Miller, Gunilla Hamne & Dr Roberto Ravera


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Festus report:

“Our great thanks to PEACEFUL HEART NETWORK for their support in this program God bless you all. Thanks to Gunilla and Ulf Sandstrom of the Peaceful Heart Network, for their contribution and participation of the program from Sweden on air here in Freetown . Many thanks to all supporters of Mother Child Ravera center activities

Much was discussed in the radio program , based on the topic we talked about.

Stress and trauma healing with the unique techniques from peaceful heart network, some topics were discussed were how stress can affected us and how it is like a virus that can be pass on and on to people and how to heal it with the techniques from peaceful heart network used to heal stress and trauma that is TTT the three t”s: Trauma Tapping Technique.

Reactions were about the youth behaviour these days, many are stressed and traumatized because of the conditions of living here and because of many of the disasters that happen they use drugs just to forget about the problems . They become addicted to them and lead to crimes rates rising. A vicious circle.

It is good people do TTT every day as part of care for your health,  it keeps you in good order and reduces your stress for the day.

Callers were very happy for this program and now they know much about stress and how to heal, which was the most important part of the program.

A caller called we should move TTT around the country it will help people in the deep villages to know what that stress can make them think there are demons when people talk strangely or have nightmares becuase they don’t know stress causes it.

Princess Bioma called and asked for the web to get the tools when she got it she called back and said the tools are easy to use. Try them.

Next was caller from Mambo who said teaching people about stress and trauma will help us all understand it and if we know how to heal it we can help ourselves and also help other people who are stressed.

We should get a healing center that people will go there for counselling and advice.

Abdual Barrie lummly car park driver said “We want this program everyday so passengers will listen because they trouble us so much. We also need stickers and posters to paste on our cars, walls and more tools to share to people so people will know.

Peaceful heart network should join with partners to make a tour to share the techniques with people, the people that don’t have chance to get the tools that are in deep villages because they need it so much with problems like child marriages and more young people that don’t go to school suffering from stress.”

Thanks to you all for you support and ides given to me till this time of my work you are always remembered
yours faithfully
Festus Adarkwah Yiadom
Acting director MCRC coordinator Peaceful Heart Network


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