Ripples of Healing in Sierra Leone

An email came from EFT practitioner Jenny Vestey in the United Kingdom.

“Hi, I found your information on youtube and hoping you can help.

I am involved with a small charity called Alive and Well that installs wells in villages in Sierra Leone, I am also employed by the National Health Service working in oncology where I treat patients for various psychological issues surrounding cancer using EFT (one of the tapping techniques) and I am a great believer in the benefits that these techniques can bring about.

I will be going to Sierra Leone at the end of this month and while there hoping to talk about Tapping to the local school etc. which will hopefully lead to more healing for this country. I see from your webpage there is someone from Fambul Tok practising TTT in Sierra Leone, I love to get in touch with them. “.

With the best of all wishes

Jenny Vestey

Complementary Therapist and EFT Practitioner Level 3

We connected with Jenny and gave her a TTT session over Skype so that she could experience the difference between EFT and TTT.  She got the contacts to the ones of Fambul Tok (an organization engaged in reconciliation and who invited us to come and do TTT trainings some years ago). After a couple of weeks Jenny reported:

“It was very helpful to speak to you over Skype about TTT before traveling. I also printed out your manual and photocopied it so that I could leave it with people there. So I think with your help the visit was a great success.


Masu Sesay and Jenny Vestey

I managed to meet Masu Sesay from Fambul Tok who you trained when you were here. It was good, such a lovely lady. Masu did a video about TTT for me in Mende, the local language, which was great to show the various people I did TTT with. By the way, I must say: TTT is so much easier than EFT in getting round the language problem.

I gave a TTT demonstration with instructions and got them to do it in:

1. a girls school,

2. a village meeting,

3. an orphanage and at

4. a centre for war widows.

Sierra Leone :jenny 2:blog

They seemed to love doing it and I only hope they keep doing it, they seem to be grateful for any help.

So thank you once again for your help and if I can be of any help please let me know, no doubt I will be going out again next year.

Please keep in touch and keep tapping!!

Love and Best Wishes

Jenny Vestey”


Hopefully this and the other examples can inspire you to learn TTT, get certified and give trainings. You can help us make this world a happier place, by spreading ripples of healing with TTT.


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