Ripples of Healing in Kenya

An email came from Kerstin Gabrielsson, who lives in the north of Sweden:

“I have heard about your work with TTT in Africa and read on your blog about the good results. I will be going to Kenya in February. Is it possible to link up with anybody there who you have trained in TTT to experience the work in the field? 

Our answer was:

“Yes, you can contact some people from our workshop in Eldoret  in the west of the country last november, especially Emmily Korir  who has been doing a lot of TTT trainings since then. She probably has something going on.” (see blog  Reconciliation in Kenya)

We gave Kerstin a Skype-session of TTT before she traveled. In Kenya she met Emmily and also Jeremy, another local trauma tapper, and

“I am in Eldoret where I met Emmily and Jeremy (another local Trauma Tapper). They persuaded me to run a workshop with some adolescents by my own. It went fine and the reaction was very posiitve. I also took part in TTTtrainings with single mothers and widows and in the primary school that Emmily runs in Kapsaret. She says the children concentrate much better now when we use TTT. It is obvious that Emmily has developed TTT into an everyday tool. Everybody around her knows it. She is very active in spreading the technique. Thank you for the connection. I really want to continue this work with TTT.”

Some weeks later Emmily wrote an sms to us saying she was planning some more workshops with hundreds of children. Yes, she is very active and has realized and experienced the possibilities with TTT.


Hopefully this and the other examples can inspire you to learn TTT, get certified and give trainings.You can help us make this world a happier place, by spreading ripples of healing with TTT.