Working with refugees in Finland

It seems authorities working with refugees in our neighbor country Finland are more open to new approaches than what is the case in for example Sweden.

This last months we have been invited to two different municipalities In Finland to present workshops on trauma and ways to relieve the symptoms of trauma.  

When coming to a new country carrying the memories of past atrocities and dealing with symptoms of trauma like insomnia, headache and difficulties to concentrate – it is very hard to learn skills like a new language or participate in trainings or be able to do what the authorities expect from you. The past is always present and interferes with the ability to concentrate.

Tapping session in Borgå Finland

Like one of the Congolese refugees participating in the training in Borgå said:

“We call it Peace-sickness. We didn’t know we were sick until we came here to Finland. While we were still struggling to survive we didn´t have these symptoms. But here where it is calm, the past caught up with us.”

TTT is a simple way to give arriving people a possibility to have a better start in the new country.