TTT pioneers of South Sudan

TTT Pioneers Group in Souty Sudan

Some of the pioneering Trauma Tappers in South Sudan. Trauma is a big problem in the country after 50 years of war.

TTT has been planted in the world´s youngest nation South Sudan. Peaceful Heart Network was invited to do TTT workshops during a training of 200 peace mobilizers organized by Initiatives of Change (  and the government of South Sudan.

The people of South Sudan have lived with war the last 50 years. A majority of the population has experienced violence and atrocities at close range. Trauma is now a big problem. The fascinating thing is that the authorities openly talk about it and eagerly want to do something to help those traumatized.

A group of 20 of the 200 Peace Mobilizers got extra training in TTT so that they should be able to teach the technique to others in their communities and states where they come from. In the deep shadow under a beautiful mango tree just beside we discussed experiences of trauma, symptoms of trauma and practiced the TTT. It was too hot to be inside. 

This group is the Trauma Tapping pioneers in their country. Maketh Kuot Deng – one of them sent this email some days after the training was finished.

“Dear, I hope God has guided you safely back home to meet your family. I will be happy to hear from you.

We are working well with TTT in our state Jonglei . People enjoy it, they see it as the best way of killing trauma in South Sudan. It is welcome.”

TTT Nyakun in Soth Sudan

Maketh Kuot Deng and Nyakun Peter Koang, two of the Trauma Tappers in South Sudan.


One of the participants – Ajing Chol Giir  – made a song for the tapping. We performed it for all the other participants. Music is one of the new components we encourage trauma tappers to use when teaching TTT. It makes the healing more powerful. Music and dance is one of the traditional ways of healing in many cultures, especially in Africa.

Ajing´s song is in the dinka language – one of the biggest languages in South Sudan. 

Gunilla and Ajing o Gu in South Sudan

Ajing Chol Giir explains the text of the TTT song he has written “If you wake up with war nightmares, just tap …..”


We got an email from Ajing the other day:

“Hey dear Ulf, I am very glad to connect with you at this time.   I am also very lucky and proud that i have got to know somebody like Gunilla Hamne who amicably taught me a very important technique. I am using it now on many war traumatized people. My trauma song is doing great and the children are now using it in their playing in my home village. I will send u guys a video as soon as i put it together.” 

 Watch Ajing´s song here


Under Tree in South Sudan

Amandu and Angelina in South Sudan

Amandu Night Joy and Angelina Paulino Rial.

Nyabika in Soth Sudan

Nyabika Ruei Kuang

TTT Trainining in South Sudan

TTT training with 200 Peace Mobilizers in Juba, South Sudan. Also several of the 25 facilitators learnt the technique.

Gunilla performing TTT Training in South Sudan