A comment on Energy Psychology

I would like to share with you some words from psychologist, PhD David Feinstein. He is one of the best (from my point of view) investigators and writers when it comes to energy psychology (in which domain all the treatments of TFT, EFT, SET, TAT etc belongs):

“The fate of  our culture may literally hang on the way we deal with our vulnerabilities and our anxieties about them. And energy psychology may have a significant role in that global challenge.
Energy psychology is, among other things, a way of managing anxiety. This is not to suggest that energy psychology is the road to world peace or humanity´s salvation. But it is to suggest that by helping people recognize the role of anxiety in bad personal and collective decisions and habits, and by giving them tools to reduce the anxious response in their bodies, they can make better choices. And that is a substantial contribution to a better life and a better world.”
(from ”The Promise of Energy Psychology”… p 273)

I do agree on this and since these tapping treatments are so easy to learn and give so good results they are very ”handy” tools for each and everyone. And since anybody can do these treatments it is a very cost efficient way to reduce suffering. They also give a high level of ”well-being-independence” since you don´t get dependent on a therapist or doctor since you can tap yourself or let somebody in the family or a friend do the tapping.  This is why the Peaceful Heart Network that we are building has the subtitle: ”To ease suffering and prevent violence”. Join us!