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Trauma Tapping



Self Help for Trauma

Self Help for Trauma instruction film with a refugee perspective. Show and tap along, no language needed.

Quantum talk at ACEP

Peaceful Heart Network founders Ulf Sandström and Gunilla Hamne talk at the ACEP conference about how to spread the use of these powerful methods.

Introduction to Trauma Tapping

A general introduction to the Trauma Tapping in Rwanda and Congo.

Self Stabilization

Self Stabilization instruction film with a general perspective of how stress and trauma affect us. Tap along to learn.

Self Tapping - Silent

When you need quick help for anxiety, stress and emotional distress follow the instructions in the film.

TTT - A presentation

TTT – Trauma Tapping Technique by Peaceful Heart Network explained and described. 30 min video.

TTT with a Partner

Trauma Tapping Technique (TTT) with a partner can lower intense emotions and symptoms of stress and trauma through bilateral stimulation and breathing.

Do-In Energy Massage

You can apply Japanese Do-In energy massage to yourself in under ten minutes vitalizing and energizing your body and mind. The result can be amazing, try and see!

Instruction TTT - 3min

TTT is designed to be efficient, fast and easy to learn and remember - regardless of language and age. The full treatment takes less than 10 minutes.

Introduction to TTT - 1min

This is a one minute trailer about Trauma Tapping Technique, and why we find it important to spread it.



Medical coordinator

Medical coordinator Kate Letheren at a training for Lighthouse Relief in Lesbos.

Syrian Refugee Nawwar

Nawar came from Syria to Sweden as a refugee. He learnt TTT and his nightmares from the war decreased.

Nora, 8 years

Here you can learn from Nora, 8 years old, in Sweden, who says she does this tapping to get calm when she feels worried or sad .

Self Tapping - Arabic

Self Tapping with an explanation in Arabic


Voice from the 9th National Conference on Hypnotherapy in New Delhi, India about learning TTT.

Stress Management

TTT was taught to manage stress and secondary trauma for volunteers working in Lesbos with the refugees.

Dr Abo Hilal

Dr Abo Hilal, psychiatrist, started Syria Bright Future to help traumatized children from the Syrian war now using TTT.

Eritrean Refugee Salih

Salih is refugee from Eritrea in Sweden since 2015. He has participated in TTT trainings.

Interview with a survivor

Interview with Uwimbabazi Nadine, from Rwanda, a survivor of genocide.

Introduction in Dari

Introducion to Trauma Tapping Technique in Dari.

TTT in Rwanda prisons

Since 2014 Peaceful Heart Network have been doing workshops in Tapping in the prisons in Rwanda. The prison authority Rwanda Correctional Services are happy about the results.

Children using TTT in Congo

BVES liberates, rehabilitates and reintegrates children affected by the war and conflict in Eastern Congo and uses TTT.


Tapping Songs

Tapping Songs

A compilation of many of our tapping songs from all over the world. Please create your own and send us.

Song - Self-Haven

Our latest song with Self-Havening, another of the techniques we teach.

Song - Two Fingers

An english tapping song that also is an instruction and session. Easy to perform with kids of all ages.

Havening Song

Tapping Pastor John in Bidi Bidi in Uganda sings a self-Havening song.

Song - Kinyarwanda

Mibirizi Dieudonne from Rwanda in collaboration with Swedish musicians Ulf Sandström and Bo Gustafsson about tapping.

Song - Sierra Leone

Dance and song in Sierra Leone, one of our absolute favorites.

Song - DR Congo

Previous child soldiers in DR Congo perform a song about Trauma Tapping by Germando Barathi.

Song - South Sudan

A wonderful Trauma Tapping Song in South Sudan by Chol Ajing

Cedric´s Trauma Tapping Show

Song and incredible performance about TTT by Cedric Bigirimana from Burundi.



Webinar Training TTT

This is training day 1(2) of one of many webinars training TTT. Watch as part of your learning experience.

Webinar Training TTT

This is training day 2(2) of one of many webinars training TTT. Watch as part of your learning experience.

Webinar Training TTT

This is training day 1(2) of one of many webinars training TTT. Watch as part of your learning experience.

Webinar Training TTT

This is the webinar of july 4th 2018. Watch as part of your learning experience.

Verbal First Aid Webinar

Learn the amazing healing power of Verbal First Aid™ - The Healing Power Of Words - with Judith Simon Prager.

Reflective Repatterning Webinar

Learn the amazing verbal technique of Reflective Repatterning by Chris Milbank.

Humanitarian Outreach

PHN teach TTT in Congo

TTT - Trauma Tapping Technique by Peaceful Heart Network explained and described.

How to Build A Workshop

An approach to practical humanitarian outreach

Symptoms of Stress

Learn to recognize how stress and trauma can be expressed


One of the most important aspects of humanitarian outreach

Your Part in the Puzzle

You already have everything necessary for humanitarian outreach


Make sure you know the basics of daily emotional self-care before helping others


Make every person a part of spreading relief


When the system is helped into balance, the need to self-medicate can disappear


Guidelines in practice and attitude for humanitarian outreach


Other Great Videos


Breathing is the most powerful anti-anxiety measure I’ve found (Dr. Weil & Rumi)

Memory Podcast

Memory Podcast

A great explanation to how memories are made and forgotten.


How Havening works, great instruction about trauma by Tam Johnston

Emotional Hygiene

Emotional Hygiene

Guy Winch makes a compelling case to practice emotional hygiene — taking care of our emotions, our minds, with the same diligence we take care of our bodies.


A wise man worth listening to


Make stress your friend is a great video about the Autonomous Nervous System.

Stress på svenska

Stress på svenska

En bra beskrivning av stress på svenska.



Shawn Achor explains why waiting for Happiness around the next corner is a bad idea

Global Mental Health

A great video about Global Mental Health

Bucket of Resilience

Our explanation model for how stress and trauma are encoded and can be encoded.