Self Help

Owla Kokroko
Vitality and renewal...

You can help yourself with symptoms of emotional stress and even reactions to severe traumatic memories that you have carried a large number of years. The principals behind all self help is to calm your nervous system down.  This is why self medication with alcohol and drugs is common among those of us who carry symptoms of trauma.

Good news is - self help is simple to try and has proven effects - it is recommended by the Centre for Crisis and Trauma in Sweden for self-regulation and many other institutions. It takes less than five minutes to try the Trauma Tapping Technique. Follow the instruction movie and tap the same points firmly and precisely.

TTT is one of many self help techniques used for stabilizing our nervous system. Since we humans are unique and curious beings you may wish to try other self help techniques as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?
- To calm down. Slower pulse, lower breathing. Relaxed.

What if I don't relax?
- Try tapping one more round, closing your eyes and alpha-theta breathing.

Do I have to believe in this?
- Not more than you have to believe in air to breathe or a broken bone for it to heal. This is simple regulation of your nervous system, not your belief system. A lot of people actually think it looks silly but try it anyhow.

How often do I have to do this?
- To resolve a traumatic reaction once can be enough. To create resilience to stress and to resolve long term overload of stress and create a new balance we recommend you to integrate it into your morning routine. Brush your teeth, wash your face and tap your nervous system. We do.