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To ease suffering and prevent violence

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Who are we?
Peaceful Heart Network is an international non-profit organization of a small and dedicated group of people cultivating a fast growing international network of individuals joined by a belief that all humans have the capacity to heal any kind of psychological trauma, regardless of “size”.

What can You do?
We believe that this “first-aid” approach to healing the symptoms of trauma is one of the best ways to empower communities and individuals, easing suffering and preventing violence. We work actively teaching Trauma Tapping Technique, which is fast, efficient, and so simple a child can learn it. You can learn, spread, share or contribute so we can start more Peace Tapping Centres…

How can we be of Service?
You can learn these methods and help yourself and others in less than half an hour. You can join our network and help us in many simple ways.

Do you think You Are Ready to make a Difference?

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Peaceful Heart Network is a non-profit organisation registered in Sweden
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